SMA/Shuimin AG Capabilities


Reliability: Our services are there when you need them. We keep our commitments and we deliver quality repeatedly. We understand the manufacturing aspects and can bring you diverse production expertise coupled with a well-equipped facility. SMA/Shuimin AG and its associate companies own thousands of various metal cutting machinery and special processing machinery for heat surface treatment, forging, casting, precise casting, and composite material processing. After working in the production industry in the Chinese market for 10 years, SMA began its cooperation with foreign companies. SMA’s products, both part and whole systems, have all met the international requirements. For the advanced development, our factory can trace and plot different types of 3D motion track, design optimum motion track, transit electric data and also can perform various complex 3D installation and measuring with the help of electronic theodotronic (CAT) and laser tracer (LTD).

Experience: SMA/Shuimin AG and it associates possesses a rich and comprehensive processing ability to conduct casting, forging, machining, composite material processing and surface treatment/finish. Our company can complete most parts and tools and as for the complex parts, we have cooperative companies readily available. Overall, SMA/Shuimin AG and it associates has implemented the international quality standard and passed the certification review conducted by authorities. SMA/Shuimin AG has achieved international standards and is willing to form close contacts with domestic and foreign friends, for a future together.

Cost Effectiveness: We offer a significant increase in your capacity without the accompanying fixed startup costs. You will save a lot in labor and engineering intensive jobs because our production development in China becomes a part of your company’s designing and manufacturing. You will not need additional employees and can avoid overtime pay with our quoted prices that allows you to calculate and understand your costs and savings in advance.

Scheduling and Shipping. We pride ourselves in meeting delivery expectations and anticipating our customer’s needs.  SMA/Shuimin AG and it associates are devoted to cutting the consumer’s design, manufacturing, and purchasing costs.  All products will be delivered on time.  SMA/Shuimin AG has won universal admiration from domestic and foreign companies SMA has felt out and summered out a whole set of experiences of tooling design manufacture with international advanced level, relying on its own rich manpower superiority and computer resources, and on the basis engaging in the development of complex tools for many years.