SMA/Shuimin AG was established to meet the need for cost effective Research and Development, Engineering, and Manufacturing initiatives in 1999.

SMA integrates market exploration, research and development (R&D), production and after sales services. SMA has an efficient logistics and sophisticated engineering infrastructure. Using its strong marketing power and excellent services in North America, SMA has established over 1 billion businesses ready to serve in 2005. SMA and its associate companies, have the most rapid R&D and production turnover. With the continuous growth and development, SMA has set up a systematic and rigorous procurement group with profound expertise, vigilance and multi-disciplined approach to quality control and project management for our global customers.

SMA/Shuimin AG has been the leader in customized manufacturing and consulting. Our customers are from automobile industry, aviation industry, medical equipment and devices, high precision components as well as sub-system. To name a few of our loyal customers: Mercedes Benz, Boeing, Robotic Laboratory of Carnegie Mellon University.