SMA is a constellation of manufacturing businesses. Its mission is to manufacture high quality and low cost products for its worldwide customers.

Why can only SMA achieve this?

  • Advanced SMA manufacturing procedures lower our manufacturing cost considerably
  • 35 different sized shops and plants with various specialty are optimized to complete each purchase order
  • 55,000 employees are scientifically managed and allocated to maximize their own capability and experience
  • 2000 technicians, senior engineers, senior management specialists, and experts form a dynamic team to solve the customer’s manufacturing problems
  • Quality standards and procedures such as ISO 9001:2000 are strictly followed in SMA’s manufacturing processes
  • Multi-language, multi-culture, and well trained SMA employees are the key in engineering communication, technical support, as well as after sale services
  • Web based management system allows our plant manager, R&D engineer, materials expert, QC representative, and logistics agent to work on the same database anytime anywhere
  • Fast response: any request from our customer will be answered within 24/48 hours (domestic/international)
  • Quickest international and domestic forwarding: over 300 dispatch agents in US
  • Several warehouses, from the East to the West coast, are available for our customer’s safety stock
  • Online real time order tracking system helps SMA customers check their PO status anytime anywhere