Commercializing your patent BY SMA PD

The real downfall with patenting most investments is that they never leverage a commercialized product.

While not every patent is marketable, many are hindered by a financial limitation. To commercialize a patent is much more intricate than creating one. Usually, the cost to create a patent is only 1/100 the price to commercializing it. A very expensive investment involves experts in engineering, machinery, modeling, software development, etc. SMA PD Fleet is an excellent solution for your needs to help you complete the full procedure in patenting.

SMA PD Fleet can commercialize your patents at approximately 10% of regular costs. This will allow you to save more capital to promote your idea. SMA’s leading professionals in the PD field in China will discuss and evaluate your concept to help make your design more manufacturability profitable.

sma engineering services

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Web based Purchase Order Status Check/Tracking System

You can check the status of your Purchase Order (PO) online from SMA website anytime anywhere just by putting your PO Number and your email address in the tracking form. SMA is proud to be the only company in this industry to have this service worldwide.

To go to our online Tracking System Page, click on “Track PO Now”